Each of us needs vitamins and a lot of them. At best it just starts the morning with a healthy solution. Marmalade is one of the best vitamin bombs, which can be used to cover a large part of its daily requirement as early as tomorrow. There are lots of jams, but only those who prepared them well myself, knows what really is inside. In the venal cherry jam, strawberry jam or whatever else the market hergibt are usually many flavor enhancers and preservatives, which actually have no business in the fruit. It is so easy to jam into their own 20 minutes for the next 4 weeks to establish themselves in the reservoir. I need to do is the fruit of which is to prepare, as taste and vitamin makers and sugar preserved to make jam. The whole is then boiled and sealed in a glass (with rubber seal) Airtight. Anyone who owns a garden, the mostly white anyway, where to put the whole fruit when the harvest time has arrived, but nobody will do it well, in the short harvest season (2-4Weeks) all the cherries, strawberries or apples to eat. But it has been possible not only at this time appetite for his crop, but would also use them until the next harvest. Most fruits can not be kept as long as fresh and fast bad and put in mold. With the help of jam sugar and Hermetically sealed jars of jam in a cool and dark storage for several months can be preserved without using preservatives. If you like it very healthy, which can reduce the marmalade in a relationship with the sugar to 1:3, while it is indeed off the shelf and flavor, it may not taste so sweet. The best balance between sweet (yes you want the teeth are not so much a burden) and the durability is1:2 between sugar and fruit.

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