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Omega 3 fatty acids help to smooth skin and increase its natural hydration. In addition several studies have shown that Omega 3 enhance brain function and cardiovascular health. Content for 30 days. Take 2 capsules daily with food. Complex beauty of Swedish – combat the signs of ageing Swedish beauty complex contains astaxanthin: a powerful antioxidant derived from algae in the Swedish archipelago. It is scientifically proved that astaxanthin protects the natural beauty of the skin and improves muscle performance.Content for 30 days.

Take 1 capsule daily with food multivitamins and minerals Women – strengthens your vitality complex Multivitamin and Mineral for women is a balanced combination of 12 vitamins and 7 minerals that provide health and vitality. It also contains an additional amount of folic acid, calcium and iron for adapted to the specific needs of women. Content for 60 days. Take 1 tablet daily with food multivitamins and minerals man improving your performance the Multivitamin and Mineral complex for men contains a balanced proportion of 12 vitamins and minerals 6, formulated for the daily and specific needs of man. It contains an additional amount of selenium and magnesium to enhance your performance and health.

Content for 60 days. Take 1 tablet daily with food scientific consultants of Oriflame scientific advisers and medical line Wellness by Oriflame are internationally recognized in their own field of research specialists. They are backed by many years of experience in health and beauty. They have reviewed the most current scientific literature and have provided us with the most recent evidence about the functioning of our body and our needs to live healthy and see us better.

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