Medical Tourism in Israel

Medical Tourism in Israel – the result of globalization and freedom of movement, suggesting the choice of the country with the most advanced in the treatment of specific complex diseases, rehabilitation and diagnostics, transmission high and sometimes unique medical procedures – from essential to the aesthetic. Today, in an open information space and ease of movement, a day more and more people are willing to go for treatment in Israel. High quality medical facilities and special Israeli companies representing the full range of services in the field of medicine specializing in various branches of medicine and focuses on various segments of the population, offer bundles of services in coordinating foreign treatment packages are selected individually, which allows patients to focus only on recovery. Israeli hospitals and services vary widely from aesthetic medicine, for example, in dentistry, plastic surgery to more specialized procedures such as hip or knee replacement, neurosurgery operations, unique, or vice versa, the standard heart surgery, gynecological and cancer screening with the appointment of adequate treatment, organ transplants. In recent years the range of services medical tourism Israel added to the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, procedures, alternative medicine, sanatorium rest, etc. But the application of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Israel (surgical, chemotherapy, radiation and biological therapy) leads to the recovery of more than 50% of cancer patients.

Early detection of tumors – the key to successful recovery. Oncology does not become life threatening if the time contact the Medical Center Medical Tour Israel in Israel. If a patient goes to a medical center or a travel agency in Russia, which provides services in the choice of clinic / doctor, purchase tickets, transfers the money for treatment and obtaining a Schengen visa, he must be sure that this center / firms have firm-partner abroad in Israel, which is contractually obliged to meet / hold the patient organize the provision of health care clinic / physician provide the patient with an interpreter if necessary. That is, do whatever is necessary to the patient were provided medical services clinic / physician. To put it bluntly – link "Firm-intermediary" is doubled. As well as doubling the organizational rashody.Internet facilitates the direct search of medical tourism abroad in Israel.

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Need Cats

From the third week of the kittens are gradually fed solid food (meat, fish, etc.) from a flat dish, ie, begin to feed on the diet of growing youngsters. When feeding, older cats need to take into account that the age-related cell death, proliferation and delay aging bodies lead to a breach of digestion and absorption. Such cats are also often observed poor dental health. In this period of life need for calories decreases and increases the need for protein, minerals, micronutrients and vitamins. However, it is primarily concerned with castrated or sterilized aging animals, but not cats, who, despite his age, still used for breeding and at reduced capacity for absorption in need of a large number of high quality and easily digestible food. Daily ration of older cats should be divided into 2-3 portions, ie, these animals are fed more often, avoiding unusual change of feed. It is better not to include in the feed was indigestible ballast material, animal bones and fish. Appetite loss in this period of life cats can prevent vitamin injections of sex hormones.

To avoid obesity or malnutrition aging cat, it must be properly fed, not forgetting the optimal ratio between the portions of food and the load. Corresponding to the needs of balanced feeding cats can be considered as a basis maintain its health and productivity (at the dilution). Cats have a common vitamin and mineral deficiency, as well as failure in some nutrients due to a monotonous diet or refraining from other food is a known perversity cats.

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Quarantine Aquarium Fish

Many beginning hobbyists, acquiring a pet store or bird market aquarium fish, have no idea what harm they can cause your aquarium by purchasing new fish is already sick. We are a few tips to help you avoid the consequences of infection of your home pond, using quarantine for ornamental fish. Why the need for quarantine? It's no secret that a large number of aquarium fish brought in for sale in our country because of border. Fish from Asia (Singapore, Thailand and China) often appears in our pet stores directly from the fish-breeding farms, ponds are located in the open air, without undergoing pre-treatment of parasites. For this is needed and quarantine aquarium fish.

Do all fish quarantine? Firms exist in our country receive aquarium fish from Asia that were previously used quarantine aquarium fish again brought by the party. But many firms have sent the goods arrived in the country as it is. But not everyone even the experienced aquarist at the eye will be able to determine whether healthy fish swimming in an aquarium with the seller. Fish may be somewhat weeks to look beautiful and active, but after a while become lethargic and skinny and lose its former brightness of color, on this, getting a new resident of your home pond, be sure to spend quarantine for her. How to conduct quarantine? There are several ways how to spend the quarantine aquarium fish. One of them is very simple given below. 1. Waters quarantine should be without a ground.

2. Feed fish during the quarantine by a few not perekarmlivaya. 3. For prevention, add in a quarantine aquarium methylene blue at the rate of 5 ml. 20 liters of water. 4. Add table salt 1 tablespoon per 15 liters (catfish koridorasam salt is contraindicated). 5. Monitor the behavior of the fish and cover at least two weeks. 6. If after two weeks, bought a fish feels the same cheerful and well fed and well swims safely to transplant it into a general Aquarium. 7. If the changes did take place, then apply to such fish have treatment on the basis of symptoms. So you know in what form, you can often buy aquarium fish, and taking advantage of our tips conduct quarantine aquarium fish you avoid unpleasant consequences and will not allow the disease to your aquarium inhabitants of the economy.

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Pregnancy Woman

Can be several times a day wiping the body with a damp towel. Care is extremely important for the external genitalia. We must be alert to the possibility that during pregnancy strengthened somewhat vaginal discharge. This discharge must be regularly removed, otherwise the skin and mucous membrane irritation occurs in the form of redness. External genitalia should undermine at least 2-3 times a day. If a woman is accustomed to swim in natural water bodies, located near her house, or in the pool, you can not change their habit until about mid-pregnancy, and if the pregnancy proceeds normally, and the woman has no problems with health, and it is a good swimmer, you can swim in natural bodies of water (in pools) and up to 7 th month of pregnancy, inclusive. However, always remember that swimming in cold water too, not to mention the ice, during pregnancy is contraindicated.

This can lead to seizures, as well as – to the uterus. Bathing in natural waters and in swimming pools does not replace cleaning. Such bathing can be taken only as a refreshing, tempering procedures, or as entertainment. In the water of rivers and lakes there are a lot of germs and microscopic algae, in pools of water is stagnant – and that means, too, with micro-organisms in the full scenario. Therefore, after bathing "in nature" to wash at home – in the shower – will not be superfluous.

Women who are accustomed to, from time to time douche, ie rinse the vagina during pregnancy should abandon this procedure, because Firstly, with the wash waters can make the vagina infection and cause disease in an inflammatory nature, and secondly, douching is an irritant to the uterus and the result may lead to abortion. Bedding and clothing should be changed more often than usual. Especially in the second half of pregnancy when a woman because of the physiological causes more sweating. Not recommended to use soap irritates the skin. Often many Soap for women opt for its flavor – as well as perfumes and deodorants. But a pleasant smell not the main resistance with value-quality soap. Leather woman during pregnancy is becoming more delicate, more sensitive and vulnerable. And now the choice for purchase must fall on the soft glycerin soap or classical – baby. During pregnancy a woman should abstain from and favorite creams and ointments that she inflicted on your skin before pregnancy. Case that creams and ointments tightly clog pores and thereby prevent it from breathing, as well as to provide end products of metabolism. It does harm – albeit small, but still hurt. Meanwhile, in the crucial period of his life – a period Pregnancy – everything that does (or does not) a woman, intended to serve one purpose – to normal fetal development.

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