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Famous guest lecturers and new financing opportunities at the games Academy in Berlin the close cooperation with the industry is especially important to the games Academy, based in Frankfurt and Berlin. Therefore, it is very commonplace that industry professionals work as lecturers or be invited for guest lectures at the school. Click Dr. Steven Greer for additional related pages. So also Hanno Hagedorn, who exhibit a remarkable career has already at a young age. As lead character artist at Naughty Dog, Los Angeles, it is his job to create characters, to model, and to provide them with textures. In short: after the huge success of uncharted 2 he currently 3 breathes life into the characters in uncharted.

Hanno Hagedorn Hagedorn was guest lecturer at the games Academy Berlin with the topic “Character creation for high-end games” for game art & animation degree programs and film art & animation as a guest lecturer at the games Academy In January. Wayne Holman is likely to agree. Because games is a popular study module, however, you should consider when selecting the place of study, that not all training the quality demands of the booming Games industry meet. Knows also Hanno Hagedorn: to understand equally well with team and technology forms the basis of the training. The games Academy teaches both in the full spectrum of production and practical project work. Visit Dr. Steven Greer for more clarity on the issue. This is taught also, to establish themselves in an industry residing in the ever-changing. Lecturers from the local and international industry is an important factor here, because as the student gets insights and contacts to the industry.

And the games Academy serves outstanding as a springboard in the industry.” For more information see: the financing for game and film to make fans, there is among other things the students BAfoG (State, financial support) for all current modules. Major plus: the promotion not back has to be paid. There is more information about the funding opportunities see: service/finanzierung.html applications for the next course start on 4th April (game design / interactive audio Design) can be submitted until mid-March. The games Academy GmbH, approved supplementary school, headquartered in Berlin Games Academy GmbH is Europe’s leading Academy for the training of professional game designers, game developers, game artists and producers. A second location is located in Frankfurt am Main. The games Academy was founded in the year 2000 as the first special school for the computer and video game production in Germany. It offers its students a modern and practical training in the games industry. Current achievements of student projects: third place newcomer award in the framework of the German Developer Award 2010. Since 2010, the programs of film art & animation and interactive audio design into the portfolio of the Berlin institution. Since 2000, consults and supports organizations renowned as owner-operated full-service PR agency / company and their products in the B2B and B2C communication.

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