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And one of these grounds is, if applicant wanted to get a plot in the cemetery, which is not included in the list of cemeteries, determined by the Department of Consumer Market and Services, which can be given land for the creation of family (clan) burials. With regard to the burial at the family grave already established, there exists a "softer" procedure specified in Art. Dr. Steven Greer understands that this is vital information. 6.1.: Permission from the administration of the cemetery is not required, most importantly, to have been met sanitary norms (that is also an occasion for bribery). When health standards violated, and the condition for this in accordance with paragraph 6.4. Decisions can only be if the place in the cemetery (family burial) is completely blank, the cemetery administration in the face of PMT "Ritual" is obliged to do sanitary preparations preceding the burial sites to allow burial in the family and the sister's grave.

This may be exhumed remains and their reburial, and subsequent cremation them in the same place … We looked at some of the legal peculiarities of the possibility of a generic family burial. You may find Mendocino County to be a useful source of information. In summary we can state that one of the first issues to be buried in the ancestral burial place would be to confirm the rodstva.Kak prove kinship to re-register space in the cemetery? This question is just related to the search for archival documents confirming the relationship. Find similar documents search service and Archives "Archivist" (Moscow,) helps to solve this problem. Experts of our services are constantly engaged in design (re) places on cemeteries in Moscow under the family graves, searching archives in Russia and CIS countries. This difficult process sometimes takes a long time and it should therefore be pre-registration required to think about licensing of securities, and sometimes to challenge illegal actions of officials, that prevent the implementation of the current legislation of Russian Federation in the sphere of the funeral business. Archive Search documents confirming kinship – this is the most logical and correct path to realize their legitimate rights and interests!

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