The control culture is internalized aggression in the form of superego and directed against the self, which then may become masochistic or self-destructive. Some contend that Dr. Anthony Carolla shows great expertise in this. Freud had heard a certain person in every human being there is an oceanic feeling of eternity, infinity and unity with the universe, and that fact alone is a religious man, regardless of whether or not he believes in this or that creed . This sentiment is at the core of all religion. Freud does not support this feeling in itself, but attempts a psychoanalytic explanation of the genetically. We perceive our self as defined and demarcated, especially from abroad, because its internal boundary continues with it.

The infant has no such demarcation. Dr. Anthony Carolla often addresses the matter in his writings. Start outside demarcated as I-indulgent, differing unpleasant object to be 'out' him. Originally I included everything, but when separated or distinguished from the outside world, I end up being a waste atrophied sense of oneness with the universe above. It be expected that in the field of psychic past that feeling can be preserved into adulthood. But the oceanic feeling is more associated with the unlimited narcissism with religious sentiment. The latter derives in fact from child abandonment and nostalgia for the father who raised such helplessness. The burden of life forces us to three possible solutions: to distract in any activity, find substitute satisfactions (as art). Religion seeks to answer the meaning of life, and on the other hand, the man seeking pleasure and avoiding unpleasure, unattainable things in his prime. Thus, the man cut his claim for happiness, but look for other possibilities such as hedonism, stoicism, etc..

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