Fernando Person

IT RAINS ' ' It rains. What made I of the life? I made what it made of me Of thought, badly lived Sad of who he is thus! In anguish without remedy I have fever in the soul and, to the being, I have homesickness, between the tdio, Only of what never it wanted to have Who I can have been, That he is of it? Between small hatred Of me, ' he stou of broken me. If the least rained less! ' ' (Fernando Person, 23-10-1931) the poem of Fernando Person shows the anguish of a person who stopped to think on the lost life, its accomplishments and its desires. It does not make responsible for what she made, but yes that was the proper life took that it to make or to leave to make something. It is a close moment where it perceives that she could have done its choices and that she could have been different, that could have lived &#039 more; ' hoje' '. For many times thus in we feel them, overwhelming, depressed, drifters and unfortunate persons.

Dived in our proper pain, suffering and disillusionment. It is a existencial condition of if asking ' ' for something and comos' ' of the life, a discovery moment, of growth and of perhaps answers that before never have been found, that they have not appeared of the nothing, but that perhaps never they have been in fact looked for. The old craze to find thus that they appear and leaves to take me to the life! This rain that falls, is the storm inside of us at these moments of individual reflection and that they are very important for the matureness. It is a pain necessary to give forces for future situations. It is a pain that is necessary to feel to know as it is! It is the pain that will make to see how much it could have been different and as it says in the poem does not have remedy, simply it is necessary sentiz it and to leave to pass it.

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