How To Grow A Healthy Child

I want to raise "children's issue." So many mothers are concerned about (problems with) the health of their children, usually associated with the curvature of the spine. Modern lifestyles contribute to the development of those diseases that the older generation did not know. Unfortunately, many parents go on about the baby and buy all sorts of technical devices for games, cartoons and views, etc. A child enjoys, does not want to walk, and just move. Sitting, usually hunched over and twisted to one side.

You might think – it's all they know, not a new observation. For even more opinions, read materials from idan ofer. In the trouble is that everyone knows but does not raise the alarm and do nothing, because it's so "comfortable". Deprives a child of fun. Force yourself to a walk, play sports, rather, to actively move. Your example – the science of the child.

But … But not every move – good. It is important to assess the situation and offer what you need in this case. Very strange, but in child care for physical education offered to jump up, run, climb a rope, etc. Many provide exemptions from classes, but nothing (almost nothing) do to improve posture, stretch the spine and joints. Send children to gymnastics. Many children react poorly to the medical staff, they are much more willing to go in to the kindergarten or school with their classmates. Children – very grateful "stuff." They are quite a bit make ponaklonyatsya (sitting, standing), his hands behind his head. Ask the forehead to get two feet, then repeat to the side to the other, again in the middle; ponaklonyat head in all directions to stretch the neck to make a turn, taking elbows alternately one or the other leg.

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