Moscow Newspaper

In 1981 a. Radhakrishna, a reader of the newspaper Moscow news, wrote a massive journalist Liudmila Solntseva, where the asked what was the most popular newspaper among the Muscovites. Central and local newspapers were published in the city of Russia Moscow. Among the former, the greater demand were Pravda, Izvestia and Trud, published respectively by the CC (Central Committee) of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union), the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the trade unions. The most popular Rotary premises was maybe daily Vecherniaya Moskva, that meant evening Moscow in Spanish. According to what he said the director Semion Indurski, Vecherniaya Moskva tirage was 800000 copies. Most of the readers were by subscription.

They focused the attention of the newspaper the urban news, readers letters and responses to your questions. Rarely published long articles. Six times a month he published a supplement to ads, in essence, was a newspaper that only inserted ads. Companies and organisations offering employment and reported that professions needed. Several pages were devoted to ads of private individuals: persons who wanted to swap their residences, sell or acquire rare object, rent or buy a House of field, etc. One of the most read was titled information.

For example, if the reader wanted to reply to any question, could write to the newspaper or simply telephoning the wording. Published questions and answers more interesting. What was it asking more readers? One wanted to learn about hairstyles that they would be in fashion in the new season. Another wondered at theaters in the capital were projected movies in foreign languages. For example, in five theaters among which was Zviozdni, they presented Tomorrow will never come in English and SOS to Concorde in French.

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