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These cards can be tied to dolls or soft toys with ribbons or rubber bands. Gift bags and boxes can be used all year round. (On the eve of Christmas, tie a red ribbon on the handle of a bell.) If you want to make sure that the product was visible, it can be packed in transparent cellophane tape or side of the label, or imbedded in the packaging. Labels, instruction, gift cards, brochures and newsletters about your business do well with photocopying, using books with samples of graphic elements. their product) get the opportunity to vary the price. If you are trading by mail, the client should have the opportunity to review your product in the brochure or advertisement, to know that he will get in the end. Role attractive package to trade by mail is not as high, but a beautiful package may encourage repeat sales. When sending goods by post should pay particular attention to materials in which it was done packing. More amount of goods will cost more, and in a toga you have to buy them in bulk to save money. Also, consider how much packaging you will need one box. If the box is too high, you lose a lot of money competently packaged product? How do I make people pay attention to it? About it – in the next part! How to sell their wares Many so-called "lay" not only in no way inferior to those who makes a living creation, but also often provides new fresh ideas.

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