Toxic Substances

As filters for clean water do not miss contaminants, and performs a similar function of chitosan in the gut, blood and lymph. Therefore, in the military first-aid some armies can be found Chitin pills – they are needed in case of danger of harmful radiation. It is believed that sometimes enterosorption itself can serve as a medical procedure, significantly improves the health and alter the course of many diseases in a positive way. Doctors have suggested that chitosan improves the drainage properties (the ability to cleanse), lymphatic system, which is the main place of gathering for Toxic Substances and with little ability to detoxify. We have the advantage of chitosan to other enterosorbents (eg, activated charcoal and kaolin), which have serious side effects – for example, adsorption of essential nutrients, vitamins and calcium.

Chitosan enriches the body with bioavailable easily digestible calcium, and that, in turn, as we know, is the basis of bone tissue. That is welcome Chitosan – is prevention of osteoporosis, disorders of calcium metabolism, and strengthen bones and teeth. 3. Normalization of gastrointestinal therapeutic quality of chitosan is a logical consequence of its sorption properties: elimination from the intestines of harmful substances, bacteria, viruses and allergens contributes to the maintenance of normal microflora gastro-intestinal tract, reducing gastric acidity, increased peristalsis of the bowel and eliminate dysbiosis. Doctors highlight the role of chitosan in the growth of beneficial bifidobacteria. Clinical and Laboratory studies suggest that their deficiency may cause premature aging, reduce immunity and contribute to the development of cancer. Some manufacturers add live bifidobacteria in food products, but modern production technologies often reduce the effectiveness of bifidobacteria in there. Therefore, doctors believe a more effective way of supplementation with oligosaccharides such as chitosan. In addition, it improves the metabolism in the pancreas and liver, improves their function and thus carries the prevention of violations of biliary tract motility and colon.

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